Joshua SC Parkhurst Is One Of The Many Attorneys

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The justice system is supposed to function in a certain way to ensure equality and justice for all involved. This is why students in law schools all across the country study for hours upon hours every day, it’s why judges sit in courtrooms all day long, it’s why law is such a competitive industry. Individuals all over the nation, in various capacities, study how to make the law work for everyone. This includes protecting the assets of the richest individuals as well as keeping those individuals from trampling the rights of the downtrodden. The justice system, though it is often pooh-poohed, exists to ensure that those who are wronged get justice.

In order to protect an individual from a harmful product, keeping landlords from over-charging tenants, and halting discrimination in the workplace, attorneys must work through the justice system. Joshua SC Parkhurst is one of the many attorneys who has harnessed the justice system and used it to protect working class people. The American Dream demands that people be able to work hard and make it—but this can only occur in a fair environment of equal opportunity. Joshua SC Parkhurst attempts to ensure this fair environment in his position as an partner at Cary Kane LLP. He specializes in labor unions, discrimination in the workplace, and employee benefits.

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